Dustin Lamoureux, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Dustin Lamoureux was born in the upper peninsula of Michigan but his family moved to the state of Hawaii when he was just 4 years old. It was there that he formed a deep affinity for nature, ocean, people and cultures of the world. After attending Punahou Academy for high school, he went to the University of Hawaii where he studied Communications with an emphasis on video production, with hopes of sharing his unique view of the world with others through film. Along with working for his mother’s retail shops in Waikiki and video production work, he began to work in the construction trades to fund his travels. It was this career choice that first introduced him to the unfortunate reality of just how many working people struggle with daily pain and have very few tools to cope besides medications that only treat their symptoms. It was his desire to help these individuals that finally motivated him to follow his father’s footsteps and fulfill the requirements necessary to become a chiropractor and specialize in proper movement of the human body. That decision brought Dr. Dustin to Chicago, the birthplace and childhood home of his wife Paula, where he attended National University of Health Sciences and graduated in 2020. During his time there, he attended many clubs, such as sports rehabilitation, applied kinesiology, the Motion Palpation Club just to name a few and as many weekend seminars both pre and post graduation as he had the time and money to attend. Seminars include McKenzie Method part A (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy), numerous Motion Palpation Institute seminars including Adjust-a-thon in Kansas City and several upper and lower extremity sport symposiums, GRIP (Global Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention), and he continues to attend others as they come through the Chicago area. He realized once his education began, the process of learning the human body and ways to correct it will never end and the process of learning will evolve infinitely.

When not busy learning how to better help others or seeing patients, Dr. Dustin, his beautiful wife and their rescued stray cat live in Westchester. His lifelong addiction to surfing has translated to surfing the inland ocean known as Lake Michigan, where he can be found with other locals and Hawaii transplants any time the cold north winds blow. Other activities include hiking, biking, camping and road trips, are favorite activity not possible growing up on an island. Dr. Dustin firmly believes that the human body has not properly evolved to cope with the physical stresses imposed by our modern sedentary lifestyles. Mental and chemical stressors add to these inflammatory processes and translate to the daily aches and pains that too many of us learn to live with. Dr. Dustin’s ideal patient is anyone who has had enough of masking these symptoms with medications and is willing to put a little effort into tackling the root dysfunction, creating an improved and optimized versions of themselves. Let proper movement mechanics be the foundation for your better life.