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Get Well. Stay Well.

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Don't settle for pain. We provide lasting, personalized physical and rehabilitative care to help you feel better, and live a more enjoyable, functional life without costly surgery and medications.

We work with you one-on-one to ensure proper form, effective treatment, and improved outcomes.

Our office is conveniently located in La Grange Park, a western suburb of Chicago. Stop by for a visit, or schedule an appointment today!

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment for back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, and other maladies can effectively reduce and often eliminate your pain without surgery or medications.

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Dr. Douglas Ryan Evenhouse working one on one with a patient on core strength physical rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation

Our physical rehabilitation therapy focuses on your core strength and branches out according to your specific needs.

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Massage Therapy

A massage can be more than just a time of relaxation. It can completely renew your state of health!

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We use traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Ah-Shee Acupuncture for both symptomatic relief and increasing range of motion in body regions that are affected with injury.

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